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  Jiangsu Jinglong Engineering. Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the first batch of National Agricultural Sustainable Development Experimental Demonstration Zone, an important part of Jiangsu Yangtze River economic belt, and one of the central···


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The company has always been fast and efficient, realistic innovation, reputation first for the purpose of excellent quality, satisfactory service and the interests of users as the goal, is committed to open up domestic and foreign markets, The products are sold all over the country, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. They are exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, South Korea and other European, American, East Asian, Central Asian and West Asian countries. The product footprint covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, forming a huge and stable user network, which is deeply loved and praised by customers.


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Advantages of frequency conversion construction elevator over traditional construction elevator

With the increasing application of frequency converter in various industries, more and more people begin to pay attention to the application of frequency converter. Similarly, in the construction of lifting machinery, the frequency control function of the equipment is also growing! So, wha

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  • QHow to maintain the hydraulic lift

    When using the hydraulic lift, you should often check, protect and protect it. This can not only extend the service life of the hydraulic lift, but also make it work with greater power. Of course, the hydraulic lift also has its regular repair time and protection methods1. Normal prote

  • QHow to deal with electric leakage in the use of mobile elevator

    For mobile lifting machinery, special attention should be paid in the process of use. The operation of any kind of large machinery should be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety, Electric leakage is a rare fault problem of mobile hydraulic lifting platform, which is usually c

  • QWhat is the effect of lifting platform

    There are two types of corrosion that affect bearing performance: deep corrosion and fretting corrosion. If the amount of water or corrosion agent reaching the inside of the bearing is sufficient to prevent the lubricant from providing protection to the steel surface, two types of corrosio

  • QWhat is the reason for the noise in the lift

    Elevator noise is a common problem, small decibel is normal, but the sound is too loud is a fault, the following describes the causes and solutions for you!Where does the noise trouble come from when the elevator is in normal use?1、 Noise of lift pumping stationCauses of failu

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